Anna Nicole Smith Inheritance Case Terrifies American Property Rights and may Harm Estate Planning Process

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Texas' unique and classic estate dispute is back in the hands of U.S. Supreme Court this week. The almost 16-year-old case, now called Stern v. Marshall, is the continued effort of Howard K. Stern, the Anna Nicole Smith estate executor, to sort major assets from the estate of J. Howard Marshall II, the Texas billionaire to whom the Hollywood actress married for 14 months. While legal and casual critics often find Smith's heartthrob try to use an unsubstantiated oral claim of entitlement as a money grabbing opourtunity that violates and disturbs Marshall's properly planned  and executed estate plan, years of litigation and chaos have made this case much more interesting and hence means much more to both the parties .It is not on "about money," the case also seems very likely to produce landmark decisions which not only involves inheritance rights, but also determine potential handling matters for other civil and states' rights. Americans who find no link with this "celebrity" case are wrong. The use of legal drama to kill a legitimate estate plan as sung by Smith and her legal team not only violates American property rights but also impact Americans of all economic, social and political straits on all levels and streams.

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