Angelina Jolie and her luxury gold watches

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The most beautiful women in the world Angelina Jolie is up keeping her class and
ratings . she recently bought the marvelous Tank Louis Cartier watch.
This watch is considered as a celebrity watch just like Jolie ,it’s a fantastic watch . It is
also known that Louis Cartier offered this watch as a gift to the super star. This version
of the watch is appreciated as much as the first version of the watch in 1992 and thus
considered as the most beautiful and sophisticated watches Cartier has manufactured
ever. its a simple leather strap watch and metal exterior made from 18 karat gold.
 Thus it’s the dream of every women to get a watch so perfectly styled and expensive too.
Angelina is a adventurous girl like her role in the film ‘Mr.&Mrs.Smith’. but
to your amaze let me tell you that this watch could also be worn by secret agent
Mrs.Smith ,How ? the answer is simple scratch resistant dial , completely water resistant
up to 30 meters, Tank Louis Cartier has a caliber of 057 quartz movement .
Angelina Jolie might only have chosen this watch for style but its functionality is also
very useful. A person with a grate deal of knowledge of watches Angelina jolie knows
what a good watch is when she sees it. The alligator hide bracelet , the circular grained
crown is set with sapphire crystal cabochon , with roman numbers is enough for a women
to go crazy. The cost of Tank Louis Cartier is $6000.

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