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Celebrities are said to be all about being upto date with fashion, clothing sense and status defining accessories. And what better way there is to tell to the world that one has power and money but through their high end ultra luxury cars. Even A-listed celebrities like Megan Fox who are one of the busiest actors these days are conscious about their cars. It came into the paparazzi headlines that Megax Fox purchased a hybrid car last year, though it was only a rumour. She rather opted for a SUV. Buying a hybrid is a statement in the society as they usually are as expensive as a luxury car and still one buys’ them considering the environmental issues. The SUV megan fox bought was with Kaussius for obvious reasons, the power and space.
 Megan already has a Mercedes benz and people were actually surprised what made her mind to buy a Pontiac commercial vehicle. She developed a unusual driving pattern, she is said to drive a white car in during the day and the black one at night. It tells a lot about her driving sense and behavior. Megax is fond of quality but also luxury, but had it not been the same she would have bought a jaguar, which is usually a first preference of majority of the female buyers.

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